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JieSheng electric is a professional production of high-grade wall switch, socket, circuit breakers, switches the terminal electrical and electronic products of science and technology enterprises, has a long history,
Strength of the company, products related to home appliances, lighting and other fields.
JieSheng has been advocated for quality of life, creative life, product quality as the first life, innovative talents as the first resource in enterprises, to be honest and trustworthy as the
The first enterprise capital operation, is to become the industry model in Chinese electrician, renowned for building electrical fields. JieSheng the future will increase the intensity of the introduction of new technology,
The development of new products,open up new markets, to realize the hardware,software and service integration,provide more attractive overall scheme.

JieSheng electric was established in 1983, by the beginning of the production of C45circuit breaker consisting mainly of large-scale private enterprises, the annual output value of 80000000yuan.